seth vidal skvidal at
Wed Sep 12 10:01:27 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 03:02 -0500, Brandon Holbrook wrote:
> Hey all,
> So vmware announced to us this morning at vmworld that they are open 
> sourcing their VMware Tools product; releasing their immediate code 
> under GPL, and gradually moving development to SourceForge's SVN 
> servers.  You can get the tarball at  As an 
> every day user of vmware tools in Fedora, I'd love to be involved in 
> packaging open-vm-tools (I've already compiled it several times and am 
> quite pleased), so normally this would look like an opportunity to put 
> together some SPECs and submit reviews.  However, in vmware's 
> announcement this morning they had some reaction quotes from their Linux 
> distro partners, including RedHat, whom they informed about this 
> decision several days ago.  So since this particular package involves 
> RedHat corporate partnerships and quotes and stuff like that, should I 
> wait for RH employees to package this and then request myself be added 
> as a comaintainer, or is this still up for grabs?

 Just to pile on the answers you've already gotten: There is no need to
wait for anyone who works for Red Hat to do anything. In all
seriousness, the success of Fedora is that there is no longer the
requirement to wait for approval or first motion of anyone who works for
Red Hat (myself included).

Thanks for asking but more importantly thanks for wanting to work on


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