Announcing rpmfusion

Michel Salim michel.sylvan at
Wed Sep 12 13:35:13 UTC 2007

On 12/09/2007, Bill Crawford <billcrawford1970 at> wrote:
> Seriously, that's half the problem. When I want "mp3 playing" support,
> I have to install "xine-lib-moles" ...
A viable solution will be to use Gentoo-esque "USE flags". Tag
(sub)packages with what feature they provide -- e.g. MP3, DVD playback
-- and also the package(s) for which they enable this functionality.

Thus xine-lib-moles will have this:

<functionality name="mp3" for="xine-lib" />

If xine-lib is installed on your computer, and you ask for MP3
support, it will install xine-lib-moles; if not, it won't. Likewise,
if you have enabled MP3 support and then later install xine-lib, it
should pull in xine-lib-moles as well.

Thoughts? This could almost be fitted into Provides: / Requires:, but
I don't think it actually can.



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