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Christopher Stone chris.stone at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 15:31:21 UTC 2007

I did not see Ralf's announcement on the mailing list where he asked
who uses OSG-devel.  Ralf, I would suggest you use repoquery to find
the answer to this question in the future.

Ralf, we appreciate your offer to help, but the fact is that you
completely misunderstand the problem.  The problem does not lie with
osgcal/osgal, the problem is with osg.  osg needs to re-add their
pkgconfig file (the one provided by debian).  If you truly wish to
help out, then please just re-add the pkgconfig file, and then send it
to the osg folks for them to include.

I have tried to explain this to you several times now, but you keep on
insisting that osgal/osgcal are "trashy" and "crappy" applications and
that we should hard-code libraries by hand on the command line instead
of using a more elegant solution such as a pkgconfig file.  This is
because you seem to think that the osg upstream folks are the smartest
people in the world and they removed pkgconfig files from osg 2.0 for
some technical reason which you are unaware of, but are sure exists.

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