ZyX Rebootless LiveOS Installer, was Re: Windows based installation of Fedora Linux?

Douglas McClendon dmc.fedora at filteredperception.org
Thu Sep 13 17:21:01 UTC 2007

Douglas McClendon wrote:
> Ago wrote:
>> Thanks looks very interesting, I'll pass it on to other ubuntu devs in 
>> case they missed that. I've always liked the idea to eliminate the 
>> last reboot, but never had time to look into that closely so far. 
> Actually, it wouldn't be that unreasonable an idea for ubuntu to create 
> a devicemapper based 'spin' whose sole purpose would be for use with wubi.
> Honestly this is on my own personal todo list(until now, minus the 'for 
> use with wubi' part)...  But odds are I won't get around to it for quite 
> some time.

PRE-EMPTIVE SELF FLAME - that reply should not have been posted to this 
list.  Completely non-relevant to list.


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