Disable IPv6 by default.

John Reiser jreiser at BitWagon.com
Thu Sep 13 18:35:30 UTC 2007

Simo Sorce wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 09:43 -0700, John Reiser wrote:
>>IPv6 service currently is not available to the vast majority of
>>residential DSL and cable customers in the US. 
> Since when Fedora turned out to be a US-only distribution?
> Let me know, I may change my mind on a few things ...

I didn't claim Fedora was US-only.  I did point out a large group
of Fedora users who have no effective access to IPv6.  For such
users, leaving IPv6 enabled is a security risk.  Fedora should
make it easy (perhaps even the default) to *propagate* "Disable IPv6"
from the anaconda installer into the resulting installed system.


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