Possible account information APIs? (lookupd etc)

William Jon McCann mccann at jhu.edu
Thu Sep 13 20:41:46 UTC 2007


For some aspects of fast-user-switching and face browsing it would be
useful to be able to:

1. Query / store user photos (avatars)
2. Query user account status in an implementation/backend independent
way (locked, expired etc)
3. Query the user's real world name etc (ie. not just gecos)
4. Receive user added / removed notifications
5. Receive user property changed notifications (picture / real name /
etc changed)
6. etc

As far as I can tell these things are either very difficult to do
cleanly with traditional Posix APIs and in-band with NSS modules or
not possible at all.  Though I'd love to be proven wrong.

I ran across something that looks somewhat interesting.


Darwin seems (at least from these docs) to use lookupd for some of this.

Anyone have any experience with lookupd specifically?  Or pointers to
different solutions?


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