Possible account information APIs? (lookupd etc)

William Jon McCann mccann at jhu.edu
Thu Sep 13 21:29:58 UTC 2007

Hi Bill,

On 9/13/07, Bill Nottingham <notting at redhat.com> wrote:
> William Jon McCann (mccann at jhu.edu) said:
> > 1. Query / store user photos (avatars)
> > 2. Query user account status in an implementation/backend independent
> > way (locked, expired etc)
> > 3. Query the user's real world name etc (ie. not just gecos)
> By this, you mean more than just the name in gecos?

Ideally, yes.

> > Darwin seems (at least from these docs) to use lookupd for some of this.
> >
> > Anyone have any experience with lookupd specifically?  Or pointers to
> > different solutions?
> First, is there even any standard for storing any of this extended account
> information?

There are various I guess.  For example, for an LDAP agent:

This would be a reasonable standard to use and most likely a superset
of any existing functionality.


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