PackageDB 0.3.1 open for business

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Fri Sep 14 02:31:08 UTC 2007

Greetings all,

After an extended period of testing, I'm officially announcing the
PackageDB as open for (some) business.

== What can you do ==

* Add yourself as an owner
* Request to be a comaintainer or added to the CC List
* Remove yourself from the above
* Approve or reject people requesting the above

== What can't you do ==

* Add new packages.  The plan is to add a way to enter the package
information via a packagedb interface eventually.  Once entered, the
information will either be queued for a cvsadmin to look at (similar to
how requests are handled currently in bugzilla) or the request will
automatically happen if a simple test can detect that the review bug was
approved.  In talks with a limited number of people, the favorite is
queueing for an admin.  Please discuss this if you think it should
happen automatically. [1]_

* Add a branch.  This needs a UI created for it as well.  I haven't
discussed this yet but it seems that adding branches for currently
active Fedora (and EPEL) releases should be done automatically when a
maintainer requests it. [2]_

* Add another user to a package.  Currently, the person has to request
the permissions that they want on the package.  Then one of the
maintainers approves the permissions.  I need to code an interface to
allow the package maintainers to add another user directly [3]_

.. _[1]:
.. _[2]:
.. _[3]:

== What's Next ==

The next few weeks of effort will be quick bugfixes and making sure
we're ready for the branching of packages that will be done near Fedora
8 release.


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