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Michel Salim wrote:
> Would be nice to include some information on what these reviews are
> for -- I ended up clicking on all of them, and then noticing that they
> are all OCamL related.

A fair point.  I've put the package descriptions below.  However even if 
you're not that interested in OCaml, perhaps people would consider 
reviewing them?


Camomile is the main Unicode library for OCaml.

Camlp5 is a preprocessor-pretty-printer of OCaml.

It is the continuation of the classical camlp4 with new features.

OCaml 3.10 and above have an official camlp4 which is incompatible
with classical (<= 3.09) versions.  You can find that in the
ocaml-camlp4 package.

This library is intended to provide a basic interface to the most
common file and filename operation. It provides different filename
function : reduce, make_absolute, make_relative... It also enables to
manipulate real file : cp, mv, rm, touch...

It is separated in two modules : SysUtil and SysPath. The first one
manipulate files ( real one ), the second one is made for manipulating
abstract filename.

CIL (C Intermediate Language) is a high-level representation along
with a set of tools that permit easy analysis and source-to-source
transformation of C programs.

CIL is both lower-level than abstract-syntax trees, by clarifying
ambiguous constructs and removing redundant ones, and also
higher-level than typical intermediate languages designed for
compilation, by maintaining types and a close relationship with the
source program. The main advantage of CIL is that it compiles all
valid C programs into a few core constructs with a very clean
semantics. Also CIL has a syntax-directed type system that makes it
easy to analyze and manipulate C programs. Furthermore, the CIL
front-end is able to process not only ANSI-C programs but also those
using Microsoft C or GNU C extensions. If you do not use CIL and want
instead to use just a C parser and analyze programs expressed as
abstract-syntax trees then your analysis will have to handle a lot of
ugly corners of the language (let alone the fact that parsing C itself
is not a trivial task).

In essence, CIL is a highly-structured, "clean" subset of C. CIL
features a reduced number of syntactic and conceptual forms. For
example, all looping constructs are reduced to a single form, all
function bodies are given explicit return statements, syntactic sugar
like "->" is eliminated and function arguments with array types become

PG'OCaml is a type-safe, simple interface to PostgreSQL from OCaml. It
lets you embed SQL statements directly into OCaml code.



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