udev performance

Harald Hoyer harald at redhat.com
Fri Sep 14 16:00:39 UTC 2007

Harald Hoyer schrieb:
> For all of you who are bothered by the performance of udev:
> I did some profiling, where udev spents its time... so here are the 
> numbers:
> Out of 3.63s of measured activity udev spent:
> 44.1% (1,6s) with /sbin/modprobe
> 13.3% (0,48s) with persistent-storage (mostly vol_id)
> 12% (0.44s) with 60-net.rules
> 10.5% (0.38s) with 90-alsa.rules
> 7% (0.25s) with pam_console (which will go away anyway)
> Your numbers may vary because of different hardware.

*sigh*.. this is what I am talking about...


         Summary: udev is too slow
         Product: Fedora
         Version: f8test2

	Description: udev takes too long (>5 seconds) at boot.
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