Disable IPv6 by default.

Ruben Kerkhof ruben at rubenkerkhof.com
Sat Sep 15 22:44:02 UTC 2007

On 15-sep-2007, at 19:32, Richi Plana wrote:

> Kind of like NAT, then. Is there an IPv6 address registry? Can I  
> acquire
> a publiv IPv6 address space (even if it isn't routeable right now)?  
> I'm
> assuming that IPv6 isn't being routed right now and most people just
> tunnel. (I'll have to ask my ISP).

I got curious about this ipv6 thing, so I registered for an account  
at sixxs.net an hour ago.
Just drop the username and password you get from them in /etc/ 
aiccu.conf, service aiccu start and that's all :-)


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