USB audio takes over other devices on boot

Ian Malone ibmalone at
Sun Sep 16 01:39:40 UTC 2007

Konstantin Ryabitsev wrote:
> Hello, all:
> Since there isn't a mic input jack on Mac Mini, I have to use a USB
> headset. If I leave it plugged in when booting, the HDA Intel onboard
> device doesn't even show up any more in my ALSA device selector --
> only USB audio devices are present. So, I have to remember to unplug
> the headset before booting, in order for the onboard audio to still
> show up and work (we like music).
> I don't think this is desired behaviour -- both devices appear to work
> correctly when I plug in the USB headset after the boot.
> I'm not sure if this is the same as
>, but the symptoms
> do seem similar.
> Can anyone confirm with other devices? This is on F7.

Exactly the issue I see on FC6 with a USB VOIP handset:
boot with the handset plugged in and it's the only available
sound device.  No obvious way to force a re-detect even after
unplugging said device.


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