Why use an old GNUTLS?

Alex Lancaster alexl at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Sep 16 12:26:54 UTC 2007

>>>>> "L" == Leo   writes:

L> Hi there, I found some problems with gnutls-1.4.5-2.fc7. One of
L> them has caused an Emacs package Gnus to fail to retrieve emails
L> via pop. I don't know if the bug has been fixed in latest GNUTLS
L> 2.0 but version 1.4.5 is so old and many bugs have been fixed. Is
L> there a reason to stick to an old GNUTLS? Any plan to fix the bug?


I don't know why it hasn't been updated, probably the maintainer
hasn't gotten around to it yet, but there has been a bug filed about


For the reasons you state, I agree it would be bad to have to wait
around until F9 to get gnutls updated.  I have been having problems
with gnutls-1.4.5, not with POP, but with outgoing SMTP traffic to my
university's SMTP server with Emacs/Gnus.


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