Where is Alexander Larsson (Nautilus bug)?

Lamont Peterson lamont at gurulabs.com
Sun Sep 16 21:24:36 UTC 2007

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Where in the World is Alexander Larson?  #243309
[ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=243309 ] (Nautilus folder
icons get stuck in open state) is assigned to him, but he isn't
responding to it.

The bug was filed on 2007-06-08 (over 3 months ago) by J H Ettle and
added my +1 to it on 2007-08-29.  Is Alexander missing?  Is there a
co-maintainer who should be available?

I would think that this bug would be very easy to fix (seems like a
regression, but what would I know about it), and that we would want it
fixed for F8.

I have not tried this in F8t2 (haven't downloaded or installed it yet,
as I've been traveling since before its release).  If anyone who has
F8 test 2 handy would mind checking on this bug and reporting results,
that would be great.  If not, I may get one up in the next couple of
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