Fwd: Graphical Shutdown

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Mon Sep 17 18:04:40 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 13:49 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jesse Keating (jkeating at redhat.com) said: 
> > I was thinking about this over the weekend.  We have "shutdown"
> > sections in services so that you can restart a service while running,
> > however we don't necessarily have to "shut down" the services when we
> > shut down the system.
> Right, and not doing it cuts shutdown in half. However, since it's a
> change in interface, you'd have to tag each service that you don't care
> about shutting down separately. Which sucks.

would this be as a simple as modifying chkconfig so that if there isn't
a 3rd field in the:
# chkconfig: levels start_order stop_order

line in an initscript that it just didn't make the stop symlink?


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