REMINDER: Fedora 8 Test3 Freeze

Jeremy Katz katzj at
Mon Sep 17 19:57:33 UTC 2007

The Fedora 8 Test 3 freeze is rapidly approaching!  This is your last
major chance for getting any bug fixes or other changes tested prior to
the release of Fedora 8.  The freeze date is next Tuesday, September 25.
For full details of the schedule, as always, see

What does this mean?  It means that it's probably a good time to go
through and look through all of the bugs that are filed against your
packages.  And as much as possible, fixing those bugs which you deem
important for Fedora 8 prior to the freeze date.  Also, for tracking
purposes, you might want to attach important bugs to one of the tracker
bugs according to the criteria at  A quick summary of
the main tracking bugs are
  * F8Blocker (235703): This is for bugs which are very very bad.  Bugs
which the release team should consider slipping the release for.  Note,
you should not use this characterization lightly.  And the final
judgement on whether a bug is worth slipping the release will be made by
the release team.
  * F8Target (235704): Bugs which are pretty important, but not
slip-worthy.  The release team will keep an eye on this list and would
ultimately like the open bugs here to be as minimal as possible.  

Once we enter the freeze, changes for the test release will be approved
according to the normal test freeze policy

After Test3, we want to reduce the number of changes going in to help
ensure that the final release has as few regressions as possible.  So
it's very important to get as many of the fixes as possible done prior
to Test3.  More complete details about the post-test3 procedure will be
forthcoming as we reach that point in the schedule.  

Thanks for your hard work!


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