Builds on fails, but the build self will work.

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Sep 19 03:13:16 UTC 2007

Once upon a time Tuesday 18 September 2007, Dan Williams wrote:

> Workaround looks sane, diagnosis is correct, thanks for tracking this
> down and fixing it.  Out of curiosity, did a mock update or a hardware
> change exacerbate the issue?  We only just started seeing this after ~2
> years of using plague.
> Dan

not really sure,  mock has not been updated on the builders for awhile.  there 
has been no hardware changes.  the only real difference that i see is that 
plague is being used less now.  we are building EPEL-4 EPEL-5 and Extras 6 in 
plague.  currently we have been keeping 4 cores available for x86_64 and 4 
for ppc.  

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