Is xulrunner going to remove firefox in tomorrow's rawhide?

Martin Stransky stransky at
Wed Sep 19 05:33:29 UTC 2007

Martin Sourada wrote:
> This is the problem with broken deps (most of them will be solved just
> by rebuild or with slight changes to their spec files or if they do not
> have support for xulrunner yet then with some, mostly easy, patches),
> but there is the problem with obsoletes, too. Because xulrunner
> obsoletes firefox < 2.1, firefox will be removed during yum update,
> won't it?

Both packages (firefox and xulrunner) provides gecko-libs and currently 
can't be installed together.

I'll discus that with Chris Aillon next week (he's taking a vacation 
this week), he's the original submitter of that feature and xulrunner owner.


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