rpmlint message '%ifarch-applied-patch'

Jindrich Novy jnovy at redhat.com
Wed Sep 19 12:10:13 UTC 2007


On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 01:04:18PM +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> What does this rpmlint message mean?  I don't understand why it's harmful 
> to have patches only applying to particular architectures.
> -----
> ical.src: W: %ifarch-applied-patch Patch3: ical-2.2-ia64.patch
> A patch is applied inside an %ifarch block. Patches must be applied
> on all architectures and may contain necessary configure and/or code
> patch to be effective only on a given arch.
> -----

It likely means that you have a construct like this in a spec file:

%ifarch x86_64
Patch1: some.patch

what means that the patch is included to srpm only on the x86_64 arch.
This is wrong since the patch has to be included in sprm for all arches
even though it's applied only on one arch.

I had build problems related to this recently ;)

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