bodhi interface changes

Jon Ciesla limb at
Wed Sep 19 17:26:07 UTC 2007

> Hey everyone,
> I recently made some UI modifications to my bodhi development branch that,
> in my opinion, make things a bit more elegant, and remove a lot of
> unnecessary data.
> So, with regard to the left side menu, I re-organized it by Release,
> instead of by update status.  This not only makes things less redundant,
> but will also allow us to know exactly what release an update is getting
> pushed for in the New Update Form -- which will let us remove the release
> dropdown[0], and auto-complete *only* builds that *can* be pushed for that
> specific release.
> Regarding the update list.. I removed the Release column and the status,
> because that can be implied by the title of the list.  I also added a
> submitter column, because accountability is a good thing.  With the
> pending screen, I added a Request column, so people can get a quick glance
> as to where the updates are going.
> I wanted to run this by everyone, to avoid any OMGWTFREGRESSION!1 emails,
> and to see if anyone has any comments/suggestions/oppositions.

+1 helpful

> luke
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