is Miro (aka Democracy player) supported in Fedora ?

Valent Turkovic valent.turkovic at
Thu Sep 20 09:49:57 UTC 2007

On 9/20/07, Florin Andrei <florin at> wrote:
> Valent Turkovic wrote:
> > Is Miro (aka Democracy player) supported under Fedora?
> > I tried to install it but for weeks now it is not possible to install
> > it under Rawhide.
> For a long time it didn't work on F7, but then after an update was
> released it magically worked somehow.
> Rebuilding the "official" src.rpm on Fedora fails for what looks like
> too narrow dependencies.
> > So I'm asking will Miro be supported in Fedora 8 - or if my question
> > it not precise enough - will I be able to 'yum install Miro' and
> > expect it to install and work?
> That would be very nice.

It certainly would because it currently doesn't work on Fedora Devel
(rawhide). When will new Miro version be out that works on Fedora

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