Some questions about Fedora

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Sep 20 13:13:51 UTC 2007

Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> I'll publish the answers on my blog[2], and, if this proves to raise
> interest, move them to a wiki.
> [1]
> [2]

I have seen your blog posts but to be fair, cross level distribution 
co-ordination occurs in informal ways often but a formal place for this 
has been tried and didn't succeed well except for those with specific 
agendas like It would be good to keep trying however.

  How do you integrate new developers? How do you
> handle contributors who don't have access rights to the archive? (is
> there some kind of sponsoring system?)

I am assuming, you are talking about someone wanting to put in packages 
without being a packager themselves. You might want to read

In short, we don't have a special process for this though it has been 
discussed a couple of times.

> Q3. Developers and packages ownership
> What's the relationship between developers and packages? Does each
> package have an assigned developer, or can everybody modify all packages
> without stepping on anyone's toes? Are packages mostly maintained by
> teams, or by developers working alone?

Each package has a assigned primary package maintainer but can have many 
co-maintainers which we encourage

We have other related policies on modifying other packages which you 
don't maintain, what to do when package maintainer's don't respond etc

We also have many special interest groups where developers maintain 
packages together, These are listed in

I published some (probably outdated now) stats at

> Other questions:
> - Did I send that mail to the right mailing list?

> - Which question should I have asked? What should I ask next?

Governance models and differences between them can be interesting to 
know. Development policies,  unique projects, upstream contributions.

> - Do you think that this initiative is interesting?


> - Do you think that this should move to a seperate mailing list? Would
>   you participate in such a mailing list?

If you want to create a forum for ongoing discussions between 
distributions, I would be interested.

> - Can you suggest a project that could host such a mailing list without
>   annoying anyone? :)

Linux Foundation,

> Thank you for reading me so far -- and for answering my questions if you
> did. ;) If you want me to ping you when I'll publish the answers, just
> drop me a mail.

I would be interested.


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