[RFC] /var versus /srv

Casey Dahlin cjdahlin at ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 21 03:39:49 UTC 2007

Fedora has had the /srv directory in its default configuration for 
awhile now, and I think its high time we used it. Under the latest FHS 
specifications this is the correct place for /var/www and /var/ftp/pub 
and the like.

Personally I think this is a long overdue change and its about time we 
followed through on it. Service-provided files are very much on the 
fringe of /var 's purpose (which tends to be application state info that 
requires extended persistence). The location was no doubt chosen since 
the media performance requirements tend to align (though after this 
shift the average /var partition could probably be substantially smaller).

The counter argument is that we might well break some conventions 
associated with individual packages. On this end the individual 
maintainers will have to weigh in. httpd is a good choice for the first 
thing to move, since the current directory structure supporting it 
already deviate's widely from Apache's (horrifically awful) defaults.

Thoughts? Comments? Flames?


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