Calling any text editor for any text file

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sat Sep 22 20:18:14 UTC 2007

On Saturday 22 September 2007, Marcin Zajączkowski wrote:

> Some time ago I asked [1] about calling default text editor from an
> application (here for isomaster). I can't use editor assigned to
> specified mime type, because any (text) file (even html) should be
> opened in a text editor (not e.g. web browser).
> I wrote a small script for that purpose and before its upload I would
> like to ask for comments.

- emacs is missing from the list
- Should take current desktop environment into account, eg. prefer kate over
  gedit if running KDE even if gedit is installed
- Should provide a way for users to set their preferred editor and not do any
  detection, eg. in a sourced ~/.somefile
- Should probably be quiet by default, output stuff to stdout only on request
- Would be nice to have this kind of a tool in xdg-utils, eg. as "xdg-edit" or
  "xdg-open --edit".  Ask xdg-utils upstream?

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