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Mon Sep 24 09:53:15 UTC 2007

Le Sam 22 septembre 2007 19:50, Dimitris Glezos a écrit :
> Στις 12-09-2007, ημέρα Τετ, και ώρα 15:43 +0200, ο/η
> nicolas.mailhot at έγραψε:
>> > De : "Jeremy Katz" <katzj at>
>> > Actually, nothing says that additional repos can't have their own
>> > specspo-type package as well.
>> This is considerably upping the bar to creation of a new repository,
>> and making impossible the common "collect rpms, launch createrepo"
>> workflow
> Is it that bad really? It's a step that could be done by a script and
> have the POs hosted at the repo's own VCS, reached by transifex.

Small local or third-party repositories have almost no infrastructure,
they manage bunches of rpm and nothing else, so if translations are
not embedded in the packages themselves (in the spec of in a detached
file inside the srpm) they get lost.

You'll note that Fedora is no different, we do not require a working
yum repo for new package submissions, just a srpm somewhere on the net


Nicolas Mailhot

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