yum pulling in 386 packages

dragoran drago01 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:08:25 UTC 2007

Steve Grubb wrote:
> If you are a developer and  *want* the ability to do cross compiling, then I 
> could see those people wanting multilib. I think the common case is people 
> want a pure 64 or 32 bit machine so they have more free diskspace and quicker 
> updates and less hassle when it goes wrong.

no if someone wants a pure 64 bit system he should have a option to do 
that. multilib is not a bad thing but it just lets you install and run 
32bit apps on your 64bit system.
please don't go down to no multilib and start using chroot hacks...
thats WRONG ...
the only thing that needs to be fixed here is dont install both archs 
when somebody wants to install an app.
yum install foo -> install the default arch only
yum install foo.i386 install foo.i386 and its deps (may also be 32 bit 
or noarch).

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