[RFC] /var versus /srv

John Dennis jdennis at redhat.com
Wed Sep 26 22:19:20 UTC 2007

Richi Plana wrote:
> If there's any interest, I could make spec files (based off of the
> latest SRPM) for one of these packages to move the data directory
> from /var to /srv. Just let me know which packages you find interesting
> and I'll submit the spec file to the package maintainer (or here if
> Fedora doesn't want to move it).

Hold on there partner :-) In the case of mailman (and many other 
packages) you can't just move things around without updating the selinux 
policy in lock step. Then there's the issue of breaking all the scripts 
out in the field which think they know where files are located, you're 
going to ruffle a lot of feathers if you move things without a big prior 
announcement and plenty of warning and plenty of justification. So far 
in this discussion I have yet to hear anything compelling enough to 
warrant the massive disruption this would cause.


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