Update of bzr in F-7

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:12:50 UTC 2007

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I'm going to be building some packages for the Bazaar Revision Control
System (bzr, bzrtools, and bzr-gtk) for F-7 today.  bzr-0.91 will fix
some bugs that make bzr-0.18 fail when working with remote repositories
that used tags.  However, this upgrade will change the bzr package from
noarch to arch specific.  bzr plugins on x86_64 that are placed in the
bzr directories will need to be updated to use the new location under
%{_libdir} instead of under /usr/lib.

This will affect bzrtools and bzr-gtk within Fedora, both of which I
have prepared parallel updates for.  Packages outside of Fedora or user
managed bzr plugins installed into the system locations will need to be
updated to install to the new location.

This will not affect i386, plugins installed into user's home
directories, or programs which use bzr but are not plugins (like meld,
trac-bazaar-plugin, and loggerhead).

I will be requesting these go into update-testing for F-7 immediately
and sit there for at least a week before I push them out.  Please let me
know if this update will cause a problem for you and you need more time
to work out the issues.

- -Toshio
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