[RFC] /var versus /srv

Alexander Boström abo at kth.se
Thu Sep 27 11:43:12 UTC 2007

tor 2007-09-27 klockan 13:19 +0200 skrev Nicolas Mailhot:

> You mean, we can put stuff in /var/lib/, because it's "easy" for the
> local sysadmin to use /srv instead, but when we have to do it
> ourselves it's non-trivial?

Exactly. Changing system default without any justification is going to
make admins cry. I'm one of them.

Admins changing their settings because they think /var/lib is weird is
not going to confuse the same admin.

I'm a sysadmin. I say: Please don't do this. I'm fine with /var/lib and
I don't want unnecessary changes that I have to deal with when


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