[RFC] /var versus /srv

Alexander Boström abo at kth.se
Thu Sep 27 15:37:48 UTC 2007

tor 2007-09-27 klockan 14:11 +0200 skrev Benny Amorsen:

> Why don't we ignore the part of FHS that is broken, instead of
> ignoring the part of FHS that arguably isn't? That is, put stuff in
> /srv complete with layout, and stop polluting /var?

Yeah, but as the FHS says, there's no consensus, so it's not really
going to work to just start creating stuff and setting defaults.

If you _really_ want to have a structure in /srv, I suggest
using /srv/pkg/<pkgname> or /srv/lib/<pkgname>. Especially the last one
is not very likely to be in use already, and it has a nice symmetry
with /usr/lib (applications) and /var/lib (app-internal data).

But I'm going to recite the Fedora mantra here: Upstream it!


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