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Jerry James loganjerry at
Thu Sep 27 17:26:34 UTC 2007

On 9/26/07, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams <ivazqueznet at> wrote:
> You've updated php against a testing version that has been withdrawn.

Ummmm.... how did I do that?  I just set this machine up 10 days ago,
so I'm pretty sure I'd remember enabling the testing repo.  Also:

[root at localhost ~]# yum repolist
Loading "skip-broken" plugin
repo id               repo name                                 status
fedora                Fedora 7 - i386                           enabled
updates               Fedora 7 - i386 - Updates                 enabled

Did the php RPMs escape to updates temporarily and I just got unlucky
enough to yum update right then, or is yum fetching RPMs from testing
without my permission?  My yum log shows that the php packages were
updated on Sep 19 at 16:19 MDT (== 22:19 UTC).

In fact, package-cleanup --orphans shows that I also have
pilot-link-0.12.2-4.fc7.i386, which is not in the fedora or updates
repositories, so I presume that is from testing, too.  The yum log
shows that was installed on Sep 17 at 11:50 MDT (== 17:50 UTC).

Has anybody noticed that --problems is listed twice on the
package-cleanup man page?
Jerry James

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