Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Mike McGrath mmcgrath at redhat.com
Fri Sep 28 18:14:53 UTC 2007

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
> Mike McGrath wrote:
>> Here's the current process.  We're still working out the process but 
>> nothing has been approved yet (we just got this page up there 
>> yesterday afternoon)
>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/CustomSpins
> Ok so let's take it step by step from the normal user...

What can I say dude, it takes commitment.  If someone wants to spend 5 
minutes to build an image and hand it off to us... we're not interested.

> Since the user is restricted to "Fedora ways" and the outcome can 
> always be calculated you can take md5 some or some other thing of each 
> package(s) + that with another package(s) store all the
> possible variation in a database, create a spins,  Create a spin dump 
> directory on the web server. let the user have an FC account which 
> they have to authenticate against and
> after log in aka in their fedora account, there would be an option to 
> upload an spin.
> When they are gonna upload a spin,  they are asked to put an 
> description of the spin(s) and the sum of the spin packages which is 
> then match  to the all possible sums in the database and voila.
> Release engingeers can focus on their work, users dont have go through 
> "reviews" to be approved.. everybody is happy  or as they can be ( 
> except of no media support in their spins )..
> Think more then 1 user people  how  where  you gonna handle 10000 of 
> spins,
> or this being develop of not being used and popular...
> ***sight***

You've forgotten to take in to consideration brand dilution.  I can't 
imagine a scenario where Fedora is officially hosting 10,000 spins for a 
single release.  It's not the way I envision it (Not that what I say is 
the way it is, feel free to take a 10,000 spin proposal to the FAB but I 
think you'll find its not practical).  Getting a spin hosted by Fedora 
should be a process that takes Fedora's image into account which is why 
there is a Trademark check by the board.  If they decide that the spin 
is bad for Fedora's image or they have decided we've gotten spin crazy 
they'll put a stop to it.  The re-spins are supposed to be quality, 
compelling spins.  Not some silly crap that $RANDOM_STUDENT made for a 
class that he'll forget all about after the class is done.

The way I see it is that SIG's in Fedora can create their own spin if 
they feel its needed.  I doubt there will be too many "look what _I_ 
did" spins at spins.fedoraproject.org if any.  I'd think it should be 
"look at what _we_ did".  Being in the Infrastructure group we see a lot 
of "Wouldn't it be cool if?  Here, now you host and maintain it."  Which 
just doesn't scale / work and is very annoying.

This is especially true since people, dedicated people, could create 
their own spin and host it themselves.


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