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"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at hi.is
Fri Sep 28 18:46:59 UTC 2007

Mike McGrath wrote:
> Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
>> Mike McGrath wrote:
>>> Here's the current process.  We're still working out the process but 
>>> nothing has been approved yet (we just got this page up there 
>>> yesterday afternoon)
>>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/CustomSpins
> Snip
>> Ok so let's take it step by step from the normal user...
> What can I say dude, it takes commitment.  If someone wants to spend 5 
> minutes to build an image and hand it off to us... we're not interested.
So an image that is created in hour(s) day(s)  weeks is an  image that 
is better than an image that is created in 5 minutes..
So as long as I created the image in an time line the suits you guys 
that are interested. ( just hope that evolution will come to an halt and 
so I images that I would respin can meet their timeline )

>> Since the user is restricted to "Fedora ways" and the outcome can 
>> always be calculated you can take md5 some or some other thing of 
>> each package(s) + that with another package(s) store all the
>> possible variation in a database, create a spins,  Create a spin dump 
>> directory on the web server. let the user have an FC account which 
>> they have to authenticate against and
>> after log in aka in their fedora account, there would be an option to 
>> upload an spin.
>> When they are gonna upload a spin,  they are asked to put an 
>> description of the spin(s) and the sum of the spin packages which is 
>> then match  to the all possible sums in the database and voila.
>> Release engingeers can focus on their work, users dont have go 
>> through "reviews" to be approved.. everybody is happy  or as they can 
>> be ( except of no media support in their spins )..
>> Think more then 1 user people  how  where  you gonna handle 10000 of 
>> spins,
>> or this being develop of not being used and popular...
>> ***sight***
> You've forgotten to take in to consideration brand dilution.  I can't 
> imagine a scenario where Fedora is officially hosting 10,000 spins for 
> a single release.  It's not the way I envision it (Not that what I say 
> is the way it is, feel free to take a 10,000 spin proposal to the FAB 
> but I think you'll find its not practical).  Getting a spin hosted by 
> Fedora should be a process that takes Fedora's image into account 
> which is why there is a Trademark check by the board.  If they decide 
> that the spin is bad for Fedora's image or they have decided we've 
> gotten spin crazy they'll put a stop to it.  The re-spins are supposed 
> to be quality, compelling spins.  Not some silly crap that 
> $RANDOM_STUDENT made for a class that he'll forget all about after the 
> class is done.
The uploaded images would be deleted after user account as been inactive 
for a while or on 2 months after a new Fedora release
> The way I see it is that SIG's in Fedora can create their own spin if 
> they feel its needed.  I doubt there will be too many "look what _I_ 
> did" spins at spins.fedoraproject.org if any.  I'd think it should be 
> "look at what _we_ did".  Being in the Infrastructure group we see a 
> lot of "Wouldn't it be cool if?  Here, now you host and maintain it."  
> Which just doesn't scale / work and is very annoying.
> This is especially true since people, dedicated people, could create 
> their own spin and host it themselves.
>    -Mike
For the record if people haven't noticed it yet playing by those Fedora 
restricted/bounded rules will never
become interesting...

Know variable == Known result == Boring..

With this limited thinking this project is doomed to fail....

Best regards
                 Johann B.

"Put the clay in the hand of the individual  and see what  he creates 
without boundary's
  it's then when the outcome becomes interesting "  


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