Fedora Live CD unwritable on CDs

Michał Bentkowski mr.ecik at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 21:19:38 UTC 2007

My friend noticed an oddity after trying to burn his
Fedora-7-Live-x86_64.iso. Its size is 779M and it was impossible to
write it on CD. He had to burn CD-image on DVD and this shouldn't be
the thing we expect. Some people probably still don't own any
DVD-reader and if they have x86_64 processor, they won't be able to
install the distro.
So my question is: why x86_64 and ppc live CDs are greater than CDs?
How can users burn them? Are we doing anything to make these images

Michał Bentkowski
mr.ecik at gmail.com

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