Fedora spin from RpmFusion

Jóhann B. Guðmundsson johannbg at hi.is
Fri Sep 28 21:49:00 UTC 2007

> Jóhann B. Guðmundsson wrote:
>> For the record if people haven't noticed it yet playing by those
>> Fedora restricted/bounded rules will never
>> become interesting...
>> Know variable == Known result == Boring..
> I agree, the most interesting spins will come from those people that
> either live in other countries or give no regard to the laws and
> regulations in which they live.  People working outside of Fedora's
> rules will be able to do whatever they want, including forking a version
> of Fedora with full multimedia goodness.  Mythdora anyone?  I agree
> those spins will be awesome.... but they won't be called Fedora.
> Unfortunately what you are wanting to do can't be included into Fedora
> proper.  Having said that I (and I assume many others) look forward to
> your spin, good luck.
>     -Mike

Things settled once and for all..

With those word said. Is it an official statement from Red Hat/Fedora
that proper media suppport and an option that could allow user to do so
during install anaconda/firstboot ( disclaimer/user takes responsibility
rpmfusion or other 3rd party repo setup for user and user can chose to
install "questionable software" packages from there) inclusion or an chose
for an user to setup, install or othewize an 3 party repository during
installation that may contain questionable" software will never make it
into Fedora/Red Hat unless changes in ( US )laws are made.

( And doesn't Red Hat/Fedora have to blacklist or prevent during
installation that the name and paths of known 3 party repostory's
from legal perspective otherwise they can be held countable? )

Users and developer can drop all discussion regarding this issue and
ways to solve it.

Leaving users and developers with these 3 options..

A. An addon cd that includes the prober media package.

   Users are left with the option to find and download an
   cd that contains the questionable software and can install from/off it

B. User have to install/setup the 3 party respository after initial

C. An respin with no affiliation with Red Hat/Fedora is made that include
   the "questionable packages and repos" and the user does not have to
   do any work from his half ( work out of the box solution )

Software that is/has been developed that can be misused to break "laws"
tho it's initial creation and function of the software was never indented
to do so will never be included in Red Hat/Fedora
( Even tho that package is gpl and source is made publicly available )
made available, in Red Hat/Fedora

Just so things can be settled..

Best regards
          Johann B.

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