Is there documentation on how to package foreign language man page translations in a spec file.

Andy Shevchenko andy at
Sat Sep 29 05:22:12 UTC 2007

Hi Daniel J Walsh!

 On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 08:53:46AM -0400, Daniel J Walsh wrote next:

> I have some Russian translations of manpages for one of the libraries I
> support, but I am not sure how to package them.
Is it separate package? Or may be they are included in the corresponding
packages (such as shadow-utils, f.e.).

The russian man-pages-ru package already exists in the Fedora. If you have
man pages that are addon to exists I think you could to send they to the

P.S. Feel free to ask me for review content. I'm russian native speaker.

With best regards,
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