PackageKit and pirut playing nicely

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Sun Sep 30 16:29:03 UTC 2007

As I've mentioned in previous emails to this list,
system-config-printers depends on pirut for installing other packages.

Specifically, s-c-p calls /usr/bin/system-install-packages to install
new print drivers.

PackageKit has two helpers like this, pk-install-package and
pk-install-file. The former allows a script or program to install
"" using the PackageKit daemon (asking PolicyKit auth and
resolving the package_id etc.) and the latter allows installing local
files such as /tmp/moo-1.23.rpm

How do I go about making s-c-p call into PackageKit instead? I'm
guessing I have to "provide" /usr/bin/system-install-packages in the
PackageKit spec file, and then install a symlink to pk-install-package -
this would then leave two packages owning the same file.

What's the Fedora way of solving this - maybe alternatives (which might
be overkill) or maybe some cleverness in s-c-p?



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