artwork split up

Ray Strode halfline at
Tue Sep 25 20:17:44 UTC 2007


redhat-artwork has way too many build requirements and unrelated content.

I've split it up in a bunch of little packages and filed review
requests for each one.

You can see them all here:

Once they get in, I don't plan on working on them much (basically just
an initial push to fix whatever broke in the split).  If anyone wants
to be the upstream (and downstream) for one or more of the packages
that's fine with me.

Jeremy is currently working on getting them all hosted.

Note, there will probably be a lot of issues initially.  The split
wasn't hard work, but it was very redundant and time consuming, so I'm
sure I introduced more than a few regressions.

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.


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