[RFC] /var versus /srv

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Sep 28 09:41:18 UTC 2007

Le Ven 28 septembre 2007 09:40, Alexander Boström a écrit :

> Well, this seems to be spot on the current usage of /var/lib/mysql and
> also with the FHS's definition of /var/lib (*), so I don't really see
> why you think /var/lib/mysql is wrong.

Because /var/ mixes long-term and transient data, generic and
implementation-specific stuff, local and global data, and makes backup
stategies a PITA for everything but SOHO contexts.

People have little wish to comb /var and triage the different
categories (no more than they had the wish to comb /home when it mixed
human users and software users)
Good backup is expensive backup so bulk-var-backup is not scaling
In case of general system failure, or major release update, you're
better of without a lot of /var contents, because some stuff is easier
to set up again than take the risk of restoring a rotten state

Nicolas Mailhot

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