Network Manager Summary

José Matos jamatos at
Fri Apr 4 09:12:44 UTC 2008

On Friday 04 April 2008 00:36:42 Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> If you have used the system-config-network dialog to manage devices
> you'll need to use the dialog again, edit the device and make sure
> NetworkManager controlled is enabled.

  Both wireless and wired interface had/have the NM controlled bit set.

> It appears that the system-config-network gui defaults to turning off
> NetworkManager control by setting the appropriate variable in the
> ifcfg file it creates for the device... for any dievice you configure
> through the system-config-network dialog.  You have to go back into
> the gui and explicitly ask for NM control for the device for NM to
> list it.
> So once you use the legacy dialog for anything.. you pretty much could
> be telling NM to no longer show the device.  I ran into this on F8
> too.

  But then this would not explain why I can't add only delete. :-)

> -jef

José Abílio

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