guichan soname bump

Michael Thomas wart at
Fri Apr 4 17:03:51 UTC 2008

guichan is being upgraded to the latest 0.7.1 release to help fix a long 
standing bug in the dependent package 'manaworld'.  This will bump the 
soname for guichan from 0.6.1 to 0.7.1.

The only two packages that depend on guichan are manaword and ballz. 
Both of these will be rebuilt in Rawhide, F-8, and F-7 at the same time 
that guichan is upgraded.  A compat-guichan06 package will be introduced 
in F-8 and F-7 (but not rawhide) for any non-Fedora packages that may 
exist on end-user systems that still need this older version.


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