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Re: Feature or bug? (strange?) yum behaviour

Mark wrote:

I was just about to install gimp or so i thought.
I didn't look in Applications -> Graphics to see if gimp was already
there. This time it was but i found that out after i did: yum -y
install gimp.

Now for the feature or bug in yum.
When you have a application installed and then yum: yum -y install
gimp then yum first needs to download updates of it's repository.. do
something else and than it simply tells me: Package
2:gimp-2.4.5-1.fc9.i386 already installed and latest version

But wouldn't it be best if yum FIRST checks if the package is already
installed and if it is then ask the user to check for updates?

Unless yum checks the repository, it can't tell you whether the version you have is the latest or not. I am not sure I understand your suggestion. Can you explain further?


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