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Re: Parellel boot and audit

Steve Grubb wrote:
On Tuesday 01 April 2008 09:18:22 am Harald Hoyer wrote:
Using the LSB headers, how do I express that audit needs to start before
just about everything else? The only things I can think of that could be
before audit are irqbalance, cpuspeed, iptables, ip6tables, netlabel,
network, bind (optional), and syslog. The irqbalance and cpuspeed are
questionable, though.

The bad thing, you can't specify "run before" in LSB syntax.

If we are switching in F9, we need this fixed before release.

To my knowledge, we are not switching to LSB headers for F9. You can add LSB headers to your initscripts but they are optional.

We're moving to upstart with SysVinit compatibility for F9. And at some point in the future will probably have a push for upstart native start scripts/configs/whatever.


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