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Re: Buggy network connection causes very low system responsiveness

2008/4/1 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
So, I restored the /etc/hosts and the problem didn't went away (even
after computer restart). Also it didn't get emptied again. However,
recently I switched over to rawhide and have yet to see if the problem
still persists.

I have a reproducible situation on F8 that you might find interesting.

1) boot up into a NetworkManager enabled desktop,
2) connect to a wireless network that has dhcp
3) gnome-terminal behaves normally
4) disable NM
5) connect a wired network cable for eth0
6) enable the network service configured to start eth0 using dhcp to a different network segment than the NM wireless connected to.
7) watch gnome-terminal take +30 seconds to spawn a window.

My /etc/hosts file never changes during these operations, and the environment variable $HOSTNAME continues to be localhost.localdomain, which is defined in /etc/hosts

I am able to consistently reproduce the slow application problem, and doing an strace it appears to be related to socket file access in /tmp/.ICE-unix

Forcibly restarting the X server fixes the problem, and on relogin things work.

I'm pretty sure this isn't suppose to be happening if I switch from NM to legacy network script while logged in.  But my F8 install could be jacked up in a way that I'm not aware, so I need other people to to reproduce.


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