Summary of my Fedora 9 Boot Time Testing

Harald Hoyer harald at
Wed Apr 2 14:12:59 UTC 2008

F9 Beta install -> yum update

Boot time: 55s

Turning off all services, but the most needed for an internet connected desktop, saves 4s from 12.5s service 
boot time. IMO not worth the loss of functionality.

Turning off rhgb saves 6s. Eyecandy or faster booting? I take the 6s. Thanks.

Turning off selinux and related services saves 10s overall boot time. Trading off security with boot time. I 
don't know. But maybe a good starting point for optimization.

Also a good point to look at is nash and module handling and compiling some modules in the kernel, which are 
hardware independent and not needed as a module.

In the end, I had 12s for kernel and nash, 8s rc.sysinit including 5s udev and 8.5s for services until X11 starts.

So long and happy booting...


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