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Re: Fedora Windows Migration Tool

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Subject: Fedora Windows Migration Tool
From: nikhil bharadwaj <nikhil bbharadwaj yahoo com>
To: fedora-devel-list redhat com
Date: 04/02/2008 02:34 AM

I have an idea of importing all the Windows documents,files,etc. into the Fedora partition during the installation. Also, maintaining a sync of all the files in both the OS's.

A detailed overview and concept of the idea is in the given link:


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Sounds great! This would make upgrading people to Linux extremely painless. It should be an option in Anaconda or firstboot, such as "One-time copy users (creates new users automatically) and files from Windows partition" and/or "Synchronize Windows users and files every hour (or setup a watchdog)" with a little applet in the taskbar showing the status of the sync.

Hardcore Linux junkies may shrug this off and say its uncalled for and call you names, but ignore them. They will always act that way. You are doing the Fedora community a service with this idea by increasing the reach of Linux in general to everyday Joe Smoes.


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