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kmail and evolution


Due to evolution still refusing to download emails (see
https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2008-March/msg01476.html for
details - it's still showing the same behaviour), I'm having to move over to
kmail. I'd rather not though...

kmail seems incredibly slow and has great problems importing all of my
evolution bits and pieces (like email and address books) unless I tell it to
import just the mbox folders - it reaches my main folder (which evolution
seems to store the junk email in as well as my own!), gets to 99% import and
hangs. I can import the mbox but not everything else.

I know kde apps tend to be slower at booting up but are fine running, but
kmail seems sluggish even when running.

I have considered claws and thunderbird, but claws's spam handling system
sucks and thunderbird won't import my evolution folders.

Does anyone have any ideas on getting evolution working again or how to get
kmail to work at something approximating a usable speed?

Using Fedora 8.92 rawhide, fully updated last night.


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