Network Manager Summary

Mike Chambers mike at
Thu Apr 3 22:14:27 UTC 2008

Ok, I want to make sure I understand how this works, or at least see if
Dan or someone can help explain what/when to use this tool exactly.

Soo, is network manager *only* (or at least currently) used on
wireless/wired systems (such as laptops obviously) for connecting back
and forth?  Or is/can/should it be able to be used normally on just a
wired desktop system as well with no wireless connection?  And if so,
does it start up in the proper place, so the proper services will start
up and can be used without errors?

I know this topic sort of has/is being discussed, but mainly on various
topics/problems/bugs.  But thought might give Dan an opp. to do a quick
run down on what services to have on/off to get it working, and
what/will work currently with NM starting on boot, in place of
(conjunction with?) normal networking as before.

Dan, any chance of a quick summary for us for wireless users and just
wired (laptops and desktops) so we can get a better understanding on who
can use this and who can't?

Mike Chambers
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