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Re: bugzilla triage madness :-/

Michael Schwendt wrote:
Since yesterday, I've been flooded with easily over hundred bugzilla
mails. Someone is active setting tickets to NEEDINFO without any efforts
to verify that an issue is fixed. That activity has also reached my
tickets about conflicts and unowned directories. It is beyond my time to
process such a high number of tickets now after packagers ignored them for
a long time. In several cases I could have fixed the problems myself but
the lame acls don't permit that.

If you want to receive less tickets in the future, mission
accomplished. Reporting bugs is among the most thankless tasks in Fedora
Land. When I enter something in bugzilla, I want to reach humans, not mad
robots, who are unable to understand a ticket and who close it just for
fun. The person or script who touches my tickets and threatens with
closing them after 30 days is successful in telling me that my bug reports
are not appreciated. Thank you. :-/

FYI, that was a bot running on behalf of the bug triage project and (as I and others understood it) was not supposed to be flooding bugs in rawhide but only in older releases... to weed out stale and forgotten bugs. Its a good thing, though partially seems to have gone awry at the moment.

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