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Re: OptimizationKit 0.1.2-rc1

Optimization Kit schrieb:

I'm a developer of OptimizationKit daemon

"OptimizationKit is tool (daemon) for making optimal work of Linux, according to
parameters given in the configuration file. It allows to chagne CFS, CFQ,
Deadline and Aticipatory scheduling parameters for task depending on
OptimizationKit allows to use cgroups mechanism for 2.6.24 and above version
of kernel. This mechanism allows to split users into groups, which allocates
quantified system stocks."
see doc/doc_en.txt for more informations

I'm looking for a Fedora developer who is willing to create and
maintain a OptimizationKit RPM package.


* The website (optimizationkit.org) is only Polish :-(
* It's not autotools aware. It's a - sorry, no offense - stupid install.sh....


I'd love to help, but only if both above mentioned points are 'fixed'. :-)


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